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A 12-episode anime television series adaptation animated by Shaft, written by Yuniko Ayana, and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and Yukihiro Miyamoto aired in Japan from April 15 to July 1, 2011 on TBS. King Records released the anime on seven Blu-ray and DVD compilation volumes in Japan between June 22, 2011 and February 8, 2012. The final volume contains an original video animation episode. The opening theme is "Os-Uchūjin" (Os-宇宙人, Os-Alien), performed by Erio o Kamatte-chan, which comprises Asuka Ōgame and Shinsei Kamattechan, and the ending theme is "Lulu" (ルル, Ruru), performed by Etsuko Yakushimaru. The anime is licensed in North America by NIS America for a home video release in 2013 under the title Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl.



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