• BlackUQ

    " danpa onna to seíhun otoko" light novel have been finish or author cancelled?

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  • Ranger360

    Character images

    February 28, 2018 by Ranger360

    Help to upload pictures with the characters, where they would be of about one size and a facing forward, preferably 1280x720

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  • Janunu


    January 12, 2013 by Janunu

    Well, this is an announcement and a request/question more than a blog post.

    First, I would like to tell everybody interested, that there's currently a translation project in baka-tsuki of the Denpa Onna Novels, which unfortunately is stalled right now. If anybody has Japanese/English translation skills, please contact me on the baka tsuki web site or in the project page. I have currently on my possesion the 8 Denpa Onna novels in Japanese, if anybody is interested.

    I apologize for any mistakes in here, because English isn't my first language.

    Greetings to everyone in the page.Janunu (talk) 05:59, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

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  • R3leaZ

    Hidan no Aria

    February 28, 2012 by R3leaZ
    starts rage: >.< Omg I found out that the possibility that there will be a season 2 is very slim. T_T I really like the series and I really want a season 2 (I'm not talking about Denpa Onna because I already know it will have a season 2). But seriously why does JC Staff disappoint me in this. They only think about the money and want to have far more than 6k blu-ray dvd sells??!? From what I have seen from other animes 6k was way enough too get a season 2 >.< Damn you JC Staff! :ends rage then cries a lot:
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  • R3leaZ

    Wow so annoying

    February 26, 2012 by R3leaZ

    Well it seems that not only my PSU (Power Supply) died but it also took the motherboard down with him. That's so freakin' annoying because I have warranty on the PSU but not on my motherboard >.< (reason is I bought the motherboard at but the website is down and I don't know why!!!) I guess I have too wait a little longer for my pc to get fixed and then I will get the ASUS Sabertooth P67 B3, this thing costs around €160 in my country and I have too wait for my next payment that will be next month T_T

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  • R3leaZ

    Busy, busy, busy

    February 23, 2012 by R3leaZ

    Weww... I'm quite busy at the moment so sorry for being absent a little too much. I'm doing all sort of IT at the moment and I'm starting too get a little sick. (I love singing so I HATE it when my throat hurts). I'm still trying too do things if I can but it's too busy >.< Also I'm still waiting for a new freakin' power supply but we're had a national-holiday so all stores were closed so I had too wait for the PSU. Still haven't got an e-mail about it so I have to wait patiently... Gah! I feel sick.

    EDIT: I'm better now :D Well not completely but I FEEL better :D

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  • Mrcrypted

    Manga list

    February 18, 2012 by Mrcrypted

    Just a my list of manga that i'm reading/read. That iv'e remembered and written down.

    I haven't updated it in about a month, so there are extra thing to add. But i CBF'd doing it at the moment... (Note, HOORAY FOR COPY PASTE! makes my life easier)


    (G) Edition

    1/2 Prince

    Addicted to curry


    Air Gear

    Aki Sora

    Aoi Hana

    Baby, Please Kill Me





    Cafe Detective Club



    Corpe Party: Blood Covered

    D.Gray Man

    Daydream Nation

    Deadman Wonderland

    Dengeki Daisy

    Domina no Do!

    Doujin Work

    Eden no Ori


    Fairy Tail

    Faster Than A Kiss

    Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!



    Fruits Basket


    GE - Good Ending


    Go! Tenba cheerleaders

    GodHand Teru


    History's Strongest Deciple Kenichi

    Hunter X Hunter

    Idol Pr…

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  • R3leaZ

    Notice: I didn't watched it in this order

    1 - Angel Beats! + OVA (Complete, I loved, just freakin' LOVED the storyline but I think it's pretty sad at the end)
    2 - Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu ni! (Incomplete, watched episode 1 and paused my progress xD)
    3 - Black Rock Shooter OVA (Complete, I want a complete anime!)
    4 - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Complete, pretty awkward anime at some moments xD)
    5 - Denpa Onna + OVA/Unaired Episode (Complete, please let there be a season 2!!!)
    6 - Fortune Arterial + OVA (Complete, cute anime I would love to see a season 2)
    7 - Gosick! (Complete, I loved it an OVA would be nice but no season 2, because the main storyline is complete)
    8 - Hidan no Aria + OVA (Complete, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! PLEASE LET THERE BE A …

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  • ShrikeRisen

    New Developments

    February 16, 2012 by ShrikeRisen

    Hmm. Well, basically, I've had a lot on my plate recently with tests, this wiki, dealing with club management, and other stuff; however, I want to express that I'll still try to update something everyday here. There might be some days were I won't update, but I'll assure you that they will be rare, mostly due to family issues or just visiting them. Due note that I'll whatever I can to make this wiki one of the best out there. Finally, if there is anything that a viewer explicitely needs of me then don't be afraid to write a comment about it on my Talk page. Thank you, and have a good day. :3

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  • R3leaZ

    OMG I shorted my PSU

    February 14, 2012 by R3leaZ

    Like what the title says. Metal object hits a molex of the power supply and my pc suddenly shuts down. No sparks, nothing. It was a clean shutdown. But now when I try to restart my pc it starts this way: All fans go at maximum speed (a lot of noise), all LED on my motherboard lights up, but NO start up. My screen stays black. I hear everything starting but nothing happens. My PC doesn't want to start up and all the fans are blowing very hard.

    I have to mention that after I shorted the PSU I smelled something burning on my next restart (when all the fans began to go to maximum speed). OMG I hope my PSU isn't "death" (it's not litteraly death since the system starts but nothing else happens after it.) If it isn't my PSU it might be my........…

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  • R3leaZ

    Yep I found it out. But even if I wouldn't have found it out, I would post something that would make this a blog xD Better late than not. Our car has been a victim of pyromaniacs and we're still searching for them. Sadly the police stopped contacting us so I guess we have to find it out ourselves. This is the 4th time something happened in my neighbour. 1 car has been broken in and robbed of things 3 TIMES!!! 1 car had been stolen by the pyromaniacs after they put ours on fire. Damn.. Do I have to be a guard too?!?!!? Guess I'm too devoted too helping other people out >.<

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  • ShrikeRisen

    Since I feel like it. :3

    February 12, 2012 by ShrikeRisen

    Hey there. I'm Shrike; well, you guys can call me by my real name, Sherman. Unique, isn't it? Well, I've always been fond of this name since I seem to be the only person to have it. It somehow makes me feel important. :3

    Anyway, I'm just doing what I can over here to help these guys out, but if any of you are crazy enough to ask me for something then I'll try to get it for you if it is within my power. I hope everyone enjoys this wiki either as fans of the show or as normal people that have never heard of Denpa Onna. If anyone is of the latter then may this wiki lead you to discovering the philosophical depth that is within this great work. Please enjoy.

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  • R3leaZ


    January 17, 2012 by R3leaZ

    Hi my name is R3leaZ.

    I've tried to make a blog but... I never wrote nor seen one... So I actually don't know what to write in a blog so I'm just going to make an introduction for now.

    My name is Rafaël. I'm now 18 years old T_T (I miss my younger days). I live and was born in the Netherlands. I'm quite a researcher if I have to say it myself. I'm Partly Indonesian and Japanese.

    I really love to help other people often saying "just leave it to me" or "Why can't I say NO!" :P


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