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City of Aliens
Japanese Title 宇宙人の都会
Romanized Title Uchūjin no Tokai
Air date April 15, 2011
Written by Hitoma Iruma
Animation Work by SHAFT
Opening Theme Os-Alien
Ending Theme Lulu
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Episode 2


High school boy Makoto Niwa transfers to a new city, where he is introduced to his aunt, Meme Tōwa. Dreaming of living in a student home by himself, he quickly discovers the house is also inhabited by a girl wrapped up in a futon mattress, who is introduced as Meme's daughter and Makoto's cousin, Erio. After enrolling into his new school, Makoto tries to get to know Erio, who mostly speaks in confusing scientific jargon. While taking her to a supermarket, Makoto is able to undo the mattress, revealing Erio as a beautiful light-blue haired girl, who claims to be an investigator descended from aliens, and claiming that the Earth is being targeted.

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