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Japanese Title 今年の夏はバスケと超能力と布団と天体観測と祭りと野球と女々たんと
Romanized Title Kotoshi no Natsu wa Basuke to Chōnōryoku to Futon to Tentai Kansoku to Matsuri to Yakyū to Meme-tan to
Air date July 1, 2011
Written by Hitoma Iruma
Animation Work by SHAFT
Opening Theme Os-Alien
Ending Theme Lulu
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Maekawa invites Makoto over to her house for lunch, where he spots Yashiro lurking in her garden. The next, Ryuko invites Makoto to watch her basketball match where she meets her friend, Miki, and also runs into Yashiro again. As Ryuko struggles in her match, Yashiro encourages Makoto to cheer for her, giving her the confidence to score some points.

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