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0.00000000198 Centimeters Per Second
Japanese Title 秒速0.00000000198センチメートル
Romanized Title Byōsoku 0.00000000198 Senchimētoru
Air date July 1, 2011
Written by Hitoma Iruma
Animation Work by SHAFT
Opening Theme Os-Alien
Ending Theme Lulu
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On the day of the baseball match, Maekawa's father runs away due to pressure, leaving the shopping district team short on pitchers. With Meme declaring herself coach, she sends Makoto to search for Maekawa's father while Erio pitches. After returning with Maekawa's father, Makoto is made the pinch hitter. As he makes a powerful hit, a strong wind kicks up, turning it into a home run. As a reward, Meme kisses Makoto on the cheek in front of everyone.

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