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A Day Someone Will Remember
Japanese Title 誰かさんの思い出になる日
Romanized Title Dareka-san no Omoide ni Naru Hi
Air date May 27, 2011
Written by Hitoma Iruma
Animation Work by SHAFT
Opening Theme Os-Alien
Ending Theme Lulu
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Maekawa is confused by an anonymous person leaving soft drinks outside of the sweets store she works at, suspecting someone who launches bottle rockets nearby. She later meets with the culprit, who claims to be a fan of hers and commissions her to make more bottle rockets. She accepts the job, asking Makoto, Erio and Ryūko to help out. After they each make some rice bowls for dinner, Erio invites Maekawa and Ryuko to stay for the night, where Ryuko mentions to Makoto about it being her birthday the next day and how she'd take his side if it came down to people picking on Erio. The next day, they go to the beach where they join the bottle rocketeer in launching their bottle rockets.

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