Tsiolkovsky's Prayer
Japanese Title ツィオルコフスキーの祈り
Romanized Title Tsiorukofusukī no Inori
Air date June 3, 2011
Written by Hitoma Iruma
Animation Work by SHAFT
Opening Theme Os-Alien
Ending Theme Lulu
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Summary Edit

The episode focuses on Meme during the events of the previous weeks. On June 12th, she gets a bottle rocket tested out by the bottle rocketeer, who suddenly asks her to marry him. While avoiding him for a week, Meme recalls 28 years ago when she first met Elliot, the boy who would become Erio's father. Meme later visits the rocketeer to refuse his proposal, later learning he had mistaken Maekawa for Erio while trying to woo Meme with his rockets. Meme then convinces her granny to accompany her for the launching of the bottle rockets at the beach, pitching the whole thing as an attack on aliens, like Elliot told her when they were kids.

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