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Hello. I'm Shrike, a random guy who just likes his anime and what not. Oh yeah, I'm also writing a book but that's not important. :P My car got jacked. :/

:facepalm: First a car in my neighbourhood gets broken into 3 times! Then my car gets obliterated by pyromaniacs. Then afterwards the car next to our car gets jacked. And now your car got jacked. That's so awesome you know. ~I just got the definition of sarcasm thrown at my face AGAIN! -R3leaZ.

LOL. Well, the police just found my car so I can breath a little easier now, but if they find the guys who did this then I'm sueing for damages. -Shrike

Alright. I'm back so if there is anything that needs to be worked on just tell me, and I'll fix it right away.